How much does a home electronic security system cost?
Home electronic security systems generally start from $1000.00. This typically includes the equipment being the control panel, keypad, a few sensors, internal siren, external siren with flashing blue strobe, power supply and backup battery.

How long does it take to install home security systems?
A basic home security system will typically take a day to install. Larger, more complex systems will naturally take longer.

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Professional security systems have a backup battery. Should the main power be turned off, the security system will run off backup battery power.

How long will the backup battery last on a home security system?
It depends on how old the backup battery is. A newer battery on a basic system can last over 24 hours. An older battery may last a few hours.

What is back-to-base monitoring?

Back-to-base monitoring is where your security system reports signals to a monitoring station 24 hours a day. Those signal are then acted on by trained professionals.
This may be a burglary alarm activation signal that requires you, the homeowner, to the contacted, or a patrol to be sent to your home. It may be a low battery signal or low power signal that requires a technician to attend.
Your alarm system will need some sort of communications path to report to our monitoring station. Contact us at Shellharbour Security Systems and we can install a communication device that will allow your security system to send signals to our grade A1 monitoring station.

How long does the siren sound for?

Today a siren must not sound for any more than five minutes in the state of New South Wales.
It is an offence for an intruder alarm to be heard in any neighbouring residence when it sounds more than:
Five minutes if installed on or after 1 December 1997
10 minutes if installed before 1 December 1997
No distinction is made between an alarm sounding because of a break-in or because it is faulty.
The flashing blue strobe has no restrictions, as it is a visual indication.

Do you need a license to install a security/CCTV system?
Yes, in the state of New South Wales, any persons selling, installing or servicing a security system (including CCTV system) will require a Class 2 security licence and it must be displayed above the waist and be clearly visible.

Any person installing a security system (including CCTV systems) will also require a cabling licence.

What if my home/business has just been broken into?
Safety first. Be sure that the offender(s) are not still in your home/business.

Call the police and inform them of the situation. Be sure not to touch anything as the police may or may not want to collect further evidence. After the police have attended your home/business we can advise you on a security/CCTV system for your home and or business.

Can I get a discount on my insurance?
Most insurance companies will offer a discount after you have a professionally installed security/CCTV system.

What is the advantage of having a home/business security system installed?
A security system may deter a potential intruder. More importantly, your security system makes a part of your whole security.

You want to make your home/business hard and difficult to break into. Having quality locks, doors, security doors, windows, window locks, blinds drawn, security lighting coupled with a professional alarm system and a quality CCTV system. Makes your home or business say “I’m difficult and a hard to break into, go find an easier target.”
The difference between having a professional security system installed and not installed in your home or business is the amount of time the intruders have to go through your home or business.


If you are converting to the national broadband network and have a security system connected to your existing phone line, it is important to discuss options with a security professional for the best results. Give us a call to speak to a specialist about your service choices.