Is Your Back To Base Monitoring Station Graded Or Accredited?

Monitoring stations in Australia are graded and accredited. Ranging from the highest possible accreditation “A1” Australian Standard AS2204.2 – 2004 to no grading or accreditation at all.

ASIAL accreditation monitoring stations are available online here : Monitoring Station Centers 

A monitoring station that has been accredited to AS2204.2 – 2004 is able to show that things like;

  • The construction of the building where the monitoring takes place is of sound construction and offers a high level of physical and fire protection.
  • The access to the monitoring station is restricted, well monitored and observed.
  • The ventilation systems to the building is secured and offers a level of redundancy.
  • The power supply arrangements to the monitoring station have built in redundancy and are able to operate without mains power for a period of time.
  • The communications to the monitoring station has a level of redundancy and is able to operate for a period of time without mains power.
  • The monitor station has adequate record keeping processes and facilities.

Shellharbour Security Systems PL recommends that your security system be connected to a GRADE A1 ACCREDITED monitoring station.

Note: Some insurance companies offer discounts on their insurance cost for  Graded Accredited back to base monitoring.

Shellharbour Security Systems only use accredited grade A1 monitoring stations.

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Need to check a monitoring station accreditation with ASIAL? Monitoring Station Checking

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