How To Check Security Camera Installation

How to Test The Security Camera After Installation

A security camera’s main function is to record and send a live video feed of the area it was set up to cover.

The following are ways to test your security camera after installation to know if it has been set up properly and is working as it should.

Turn off your lights and observe your security camera LEDs

Infrared security cameras have small red lights that become visible in the dark. It is also a quick test for security cameras with night vision. The red dull light of your camera should be on. Most security cameras have an LED as an indicator of its power status. 

Log in to your security camera’s software

This is to test if the live streaming function is functioning properly. Check if your security camera is sending a live coverage of the area it has been set up to cover. Your security camera is working properly if you can see a live coverage of the area your security camera was set up to cover. If you cannot see the footage, the issue might be with your set up or the camera itself.

Observe the live stream

Monitor the live streamed video on your output screen or smart device. You could have someone stand in the coverage area and perform various motions you require of him/her to ensure there are no video lags. Is everything working as it should? Can you see the person you asked to stand in for you? Is the coverage live? Your camera has been set up right if you answered yes to all of these questions. Your security camera settings are the first things you should check if you notice something wrong with the live video stream. 

Check the recorded video footage

To ensure your camera is saving recorded footage, check the saved live video footage after a few hours of installation to check if it works well. Are there any glitches in the video? Is there a missing part of the video? If you notice anything unusual with the recorded video footage, check your settings or camera itself to ensure it has been set up properly. 

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