How to fix common home security systems

Security systems set up for home use are quite common these days. Simply put, a home security system comprises of a network of various electronic devices that further help keep your home safe.

Many homeowners have security systems set up in their homes as so do home renters. However, as with everything technological, problems do arise. We’ve put together common home security systems problems that usually arise and easy ways to get them fixed.

  • False alarms

There is nothing more frustrating than an alarm going off on its own accord or perhaps the alarm is triggered by something which isn’t a threat -your pet? Or something as mediocre as a passing car. A quick and easy fix to alarms going off on their own is recalibrating your devices or repositioning them to fit your surroundings. It is best to call a professional to do this as you may make your security system too lax or disrupt everything in totality if you tamper with the settings, especially if you have no idea of what you’re doing.

If your pet is the main cause of this, you may want to consider installing pet-friendly detectors if not already installed in your home.

  • Was your security system hacked?

The first thing to do if your security system was hacked is to turn the entire system off. Shut the power off including its internet access and get help.

Other than that, do ensure to regularly change your passwords and try not to use anything too obvious.

  • Partial security CCTV coverage

Cameras not positioned properly might have blind spots. Blind spots are areas not covered by the camera. There may be several fixes to this. Get more cameras for full complete coverage or reposition current cameras and or use a different camera to achieve the desired results. Another option is to get back to your drawing board and have a professional overlook the entire system and see if it can be added to or maybe a new system might be needed.

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